Received Not Invoiced report - incorrect GLrecap

On a new implementation, our Received Not Invoiced report shows an incorrect/incomplete GLrecap at the end. Instead of a regular double-sided entry showing the GL accounts with amounts adding up to the report total, it only shows one half of the entry and the amounts don’t match the report total.

I’ve been working with Support on this for three months (yes, months) without success. Now, even though they can replicate the issue in their test environment, they want me to send them my database. Since they can replicate the issue, this sounds like a code issue, not my data or database.

Is this how the Received Not Invoiced report looks for everyone else?

Any feedback is appreciated!



It is because you have unposted COS/WIP capture amount at the time of the report run. You must post all WIP/Cost before you run this report, then it will match.


Hi Prasad,

Yes, we have run Capture COS/WIP many, many times over the last three months. Does your RNI report GLrecap show all the GL accounts with the proper amounts?


Yes, our RNI report GL recap shows all proper amounts and it balance to G/L exactly.

Can you share what version you are on? We are on



Our looks similar to yours, which is slightly scary to me. But if Accounting is happy, I am happy.

We are on 10.1.400.32

Thanks for the feedback, Lacey! Yes, definitely slightly scary when an accounting report has an unbalanced transaction (the CFO is concerned too). Looks like the amounts in your GLrecap almost add up - off by a penny like ours. Just no idea where the majority of the dollars are going… :frowning:

Interesting… Lacey is on a prior version and mine is later and both have the issue, yet yours does not.

Have you tried running the report directly after a capture COS/WIP?

Hi Paul - Yes, each time Support gave me a “fix” to try, I would do the fix, then immediately run Capture COS/WIP and run the RNI report.

The one thing i noticed is that all the PO receipts that came in before the current month (11/2018) had the GL Account. All the POs that came in for the current month on the report DOES NOT have a GL Account (which is majority of the receipts in the report).

Have you captured (posted) current month WIP/COS yet ?

FWIW 10.1.400.23 also looks like that:

I’m guessing that a BAQ Report to show all the un-invoiced PO receipts , and their offsetting accounts is in order.

No, we usually run capture at month end only after all the shipment and receipts for the month are complete.

i am sure in my case, it’s because the capture was not run yet. Looking back at previous RNI reports that i ran after month end capture, all the receipts went to GL account. Only when i run the report current month before capture does the totals for current month have no GL next to it.

Hi Calvin - I think Epicor should make the stock report work correctly, although at this point I should have rewritten the report myself and saved time and aggravation :slight_smile:


Careful … To a software engineer, “correctly” means “as it was meant to work”.

They’ll “fix” it by changing the label “GL Recap” to “Total Accruals”

BTW - what does the first number represent? I ran the report for several different periods, and that number never changed.

True! Fortunately, I did get acknowledgment the report is “not working as designed”.

Not entirely certain what the first number represents. My guess is the amount the report is not able to attribute to a GL account. Summing the first number with the one with a GL number totals to the report total.