Recommendations for 1st time Insights attendee?

I’m attending Insights this year as a 1st timer as well as a relative Epicor/Kinetics “newbie”; we’ve been on the system for about 18 months. I’m responsible for pretty much knowing how everything is supposed to function across all departments, as well as directly responsible for accounting and purchasing – we’re a very small company of course.

Looking at the agenda, there are so many sessions available and I think I’ve hit sensory overload in trying to determine where to focus (since I need to know it all :sweat_smile:). I’m looking for input, suggestions, what not to do, and whether I should plan to attend Sunday & Monday. Any and all help is appreciated. I really want to make the most of our investment in Epicor and the trip to Insights.

Thanks in advance!


@WendyB Welcome to everything Epicor!

Your questions can have 1000 answers, and there are many discussions about “first time at Insights” here on the site - you should search for them.

I’ve been going for 10 years now and there is something new each year. I’m the DBA, Epicor guy, IT Manager and I need to know how all the departments work - so I feel your confusion. What I’ve found is that when i really think about it, there are 1 or 2 or 3 things that are my biggest problems - and I focus on those. Pick the sessions that apply to those things and make sure you talk to the Epicor folks at the relevant booth in the Vendor Hall.

Vendor Hall - Epicor has a booth for most of the products and modules they have - usually you can get some great info and contact names from talking to them there. Also - Epicor is known for how accessible and helpful the team is - going to Insights would be worthless in my opinion if it weren’t for the fact that Epicor Employees are there - and friendly, fun, and helpful!.

Find the sessions you need, fill the rest of the time with interesting or secondary needs. Take a few Extended education sessions - especially Kinetic Studio if you do any customizations (and can still get a seat). The Ext Ed sessions are basic in nature, and more like how-to walkthroughs, but there are Epicor resources there to answer tougher or specialized questions. I find them very useful when learning a new module or tool.

Don’t get overwhelmed, skip a session, take a break, what ever you need. It’s a LONG couple of days.
And of course - talk to everyone!!! Networking is easily the biggest benefit to attending.

Hope that helps, and maybe I’ll see you there!


I would say so.


Hi Wendy!

@MikeGross is spot on! Insights can and will be overwhelming. There is simply not enough time to cover it all for one person. I remember my first Insights and I came back exhausted but excited at all the new things I learned. Networking IS the biggest takeaway! Get to know people and don’t be shy! Make sure you stop by the EUG booth to see if there is a Regional Group near you. Hope to see you there!



One piece of advice would be to break the sessions down by time slot. If you just look at the 10-11 slot, there is usually going to be one or two things that you want to see. If you just pick things that way, it’s a lot less daunting. If you end up with a double booking, many times there are duplicate offerings and it notes that in the description. I used to look at everything and got overwhelmed. Not I just grab the brochure, and look at the next time slot and pick one. They seem to intentionally spread things out so that each area/role has only one or maybe two things per time slot.


Totally agree with Mike, Beth, and Brandon!

First thing to know, you’re going to be walking - a lot. Bring comfortable shoes.

While Nashville can get hot and humid, the lecture rooms can get VERY cold. Bring a sweater and be prepared to keep your legs warm!

If you want a good overview, the “101” classes are actually quite good. I’ve needed a filler slot a time or two and have always picked up something good in these fundamentals courses.

If possible, swing by the EpiUsers event (once we get the details). It’s always fun and it’s nice to learn that we’re a lot more friendly than we appear here on the list. :rofl:


Except for @Mark_Wonsil , he just as ornery in real life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha! I’m making a note of all these names… I will have to make it a mission to find everyone! :slight_smile:


Classes are good and all, buuuuut… Open bars! Network while drunk!
Broadway! Tootsies! NEW WATER PARK!
One Republic and Mike Rowe?!
Hattie B’s Hot Chicken! <3

How to avoid going to classes 101.


Stay way from the powdered eggs for breakfast. :face_vomiting:


Hannah has the social side down! All great recommendations!

^-- This has been my Modis Operandi for years :beers: :beers:


OMG! I’m definitely going to find YOU Hannah!


So …I think I’ve got it.

  • Don’t stress
  • Don’t be shy
  • Don’t try to do it all
  • DON’T avoid the open bars!

:100: on that! We totally need to find a Hattie B’s while there this year.


You’ll fit right in @WendyB


Came here to say this. Most important piece of advice I can think of… it really is that cold.


I understand…I’ve never been to any sort of meeting or conference yet that didn’t feel like a walk-in freezer.

That’s so good to know - I will be sure to bring my blankie :wink:

Have a backup session for each slot and don’t be afraid to walk out of something that doesn’t fit what you thought it was from the description. You were probably in the wrong room anyway. :slight_smile:


Forgot to add, if this is the first time in the Gaylord. You will be lost. It takes til about your 3rd conference before you can find anything… (It’s a great hotel, I love it, but it’s a bit of a maze)