Recommended DB Maintanance


Can someone point me to any documentation that outlines recommended database maintenance to be done on the EpicorLive10 DB per-emptivly?

The database size is increasing substantially and I do not want to get to a point that users are complaining about the system access time increasing and have an unhealthy database.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I assume that the database is in FULL not SIMPLE mode. If you backup the SQL log files regularly (depends on your business), you should be able to stabilize the growth. For our DB, we perform a full backup nightly and the logs are backed up hourly.

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Maybe you could look at some of these documents which can be found on EpicWeb:

Performance Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Guide (PDT)
Performance Tuning Technical Reference

Hmm, maybe I need to look at some of these myself… :slight_smile:

I use Ola Hallengren scripts for my backups, index optimization and Database integrity checks, and to alert me of problems with these processes:


What are your top 10 largest tables and sizes? Do you use Epicor’s Database Purge and Summarize Process?

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This is exactly what we do and it fixed our growth issues.