Reconcile GL account with AP invoices

Good afternoon all,

Can you tell me how I can reconcile an amount booked on a GL account (for example Invoices to be received) with an AP account. I have booked an AP invoice, and I want to process with the amount booked on a GL.
My thanks in advance.

Are you saying the amount booked at the time of the receipt might not match the invoice?

Like if :frowning:

  1. A PO was entered for 100 of something with a unit cost of $1.23.
  2. The 100 pieces arrive. creating a credit to the Accrued Receivings Acct of $123.00.
  3. An invoice is received for the 100 pieces but at $1.30 each, for an invoice total of $130.00.

That the situation?

Hi Calvin,

We have paid in advance, and processed the payment to GL ‘Invoice to be received’. Now we have received and booked the invoice, and I want process the payment with this invoice.

I’m not that familiar with the AP side. But when an Advanced payement is required on the AR side, an Advance Invoice is created.

It looks like AP is done a little different. There’s no Adv Invoice in AP, but you can add an Adv Bill Line, that references the PO. And the Invoice Group gets posted.

With our Company settings, this creates a Debit to our Advanced Pay account, and a Credit to the Accounts Payable acct.

This what you’ve done so far?

I have found what I need to do to process these AP invoices. The modules Apply Debit Memo/Prepayment and Adjustment in Financial Management/Accounts Payable.
Everyone thank you for responding.

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