Recurring Schedule for Company Emails

Hi All,

I am a new Epicor user and am currently trying to find a way to send out emails on a daily basis that inform my company’s PMs of upcoming tasks that they have due. I have looked into using the Task Agent/System Agent Maintenance but am unsure of how to include emails using these items.

If this is not possible please let me know and I can write a Windows process to get the job done. If it is, a starting point would be great!

Thanks for your help in advance!

Is the upcoming tasks a report? if so then you can schedule it, in the window that opens up when you print it.

No, we use Due Dates on the Checklist tab of the Order Entry form to monitor different items that need to be accomplished throughout the manufacturing process. The email is meant to show them which items are due within the next three days.

First I would create a BAQ report. Then you could schedule it like I mentioned above.

A Couple other Options:
BPM Email with embedded BAQ results
Have SQL send the email with the tasks
If you want something fancy with hyper-links, then you could write a server process to pull the data and send the emails
You could also schedule this in SSRS
Or you can do a BAQ report and schedule that through epicor.

You actually have a lot of options here on how to get the results. It really does depend on the specific requirement as for how you would accomplish it.

I have never used the Notifications in the Task Set tool set, but I think you may have some options there as well.

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I don’t think this will work for my specific situation because I can’t send the email dynamically to a user, the email address has to be set before. Is it possible to dynamically declare a User’s email address?

Would this be set to a recurring schedule? I read a post earlier that said the overlying BO would have to be accessed in order for the BPM to be run.

I’m unsure of what you mean by have SQL send the email.

I’m leaning towards this option if I’m unable to find a viable option within Epicor.

I’m running into the same issue as I did with @knash 's post here. I’m not able to dynamically set the email recipient.

Thanks again for all the help, this has been a great learning experience so far.

We got around this by having the BPM trigger on the change of a field in a UD table. The UD table’s field was changed via a scheduled windows PowerShell script that runs DMT via a command line. Here it is:

# This Script runs the Epicor DMT utility to update table UD05
# The change of UD05.Checkbox20 from 0 -> 1 initiates a Data Directive 
# that generates the code to auto email shipping notices.
# This should be run at 4:00 PM EST every day

$DMTPath = "C:\Epicor\ERP10\LocalClients\MATCOR\DMT.exe"
$User = "_glbl_epicor"
$Pass = "password"

$Source = "C:\Temp\trigger.csv"

echo "Company,Key1,Key2,Key3,Key4,Key5,CheckBox20" > $Source
echo "MC,CKRU,,,,,1" >> $Source
echo "MC,CKRU,,,,,0" >> $Source

#Load Data
Start-Process -Wait -FilePath $DMTPath -ArgumentList "-NoUI -ConfigValue MATCOR -User $User -Pass $Pass -Update -Import UD05 -Source $Source "

The echo lines create the source csv file used to set the UD05.Checkbox20. First to 1, then back to 0.

Within the Data Directive for UD05.Checkbox going from 0 to 1, is where we build the emails to send.
I can give you some sample code if you’d like.


We used to use SQL Agent Jobs and rolled our own alerts for our old Epicor eproject system. We created HTML emails for 80% of project budget reports, rejection time emails and missing time etc. We didn’t have things like SSRS or Schedules back then, it worked pretty well.
Once you decide on a solution try to stick to it though, a bitsa solution becomes hard to manage over time.