Red Bull Technologies runs Epicor?

Watch this Red Bull ad carefully, the system the engineer uses looks a lot like Epicor… and the job traveler looks very similar:

Thoughts? Speculation? Confirmation?


You can make out the epicor logo on the top left here. So id say yes

Jos? C Gomez
Senior Software Engineer

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Yes, Red Bull Racing had an open position for an Epicor programmer in the UK last year.


If we’re talking Product placement …

Pretty sure:

  • Staedtler - Drafting pencil and sharpener
  • Solid Edge - 3D CAD
  • Puma - Shirt worn by Factory Guy
  • Mitutoyo - Calipers
  • Pirelli - Tires on F1 car

Red Bull used to be regularly mentioned at Epicor Insights meetings in the UK

I’ve seen the RedBull logo a whole lot at Insights(Vegas/Nashville). I didn’t think it was any secret. It’s their racing division that uses it.

Anyone else see an Epicor POS / Credit Card terminal? I think the screen on the terminal (little box you swipe your CC on) at the Home Depot near my house, says “EPICOR” on it.

yeah that’s the retail arm.