Redesign Custom Dashboard for Kinetic

Hi everyone!
I am working to redesign a custom dashboard in the new kinetic application studio. Here is my classic dashboard that works well enough. The purpose is to search and find any operation for a given part/rev. Then give the user a chance to edit some fields related to that operation. While the operation is being edited all the data is in EcoRev, so if you skip check in then you can edit multiple operations in a row before checking the entire rev back in.

App.EditAnyOp.MainController_Customization_Custom2_CustomExport.xml (345.8 KB) EditAnyOp.dbd (513.2 KB)

I have tried to convert this to kinetic using the conversion workbench with no luck.
I have reviewed the application studio help files and course documents, but this customization is a bit more complex than what is listed in those files.

I suspect I need to redesign this dashboard from the ground up inside Application Studio, but I am not sure how to begin. I have a few other open posts out about specific issues I have come up against while converting this dashboard.

Where is the complete reference material for application studio? How can I find out what each and every control property field does, and how to format the syntax for it? Can anyone look at my classic dashboard and tell me if it will even be possible to reproduce such a thing in application studio?

Thank you for your time!

Are you in K21? or 700?

If you are in 700 I suggest you pack it in and wait for K21. The 700 Kinetic toolset is VERY limited.

I am still in 700.

This must be it! I see a lot of work ahead of me, so as soon as Kinetic was loaded into pilot I started trying to convert my forms. Thank you! I guess I have to wait and hope that I can figure everything out when they release K21. If feels like we are being pushed to the edge of a cliff and told “Don’t worry, the parachutes are on their way!”

In K21 every customization you have will work fine out of the box in non kinetic (classic) form.
Then you can slowly upgrade each thing. There’s no cliff, maybe a steep incline :stuck_out_tongue: but no cliff