Redirect URL (in IIS?)

How can I make the Kinetic URL shorter? (For the sake of argument, let’s say I can’t touch the DNS - though that is actually an option.)

As an example from our development server,

  1. Data Collection is at
  2. How can I make it so that goes directly to that long URL above?
  3. Or, perhaps, if it helps, could we do a different short URL (like that redirected to the long URL (item 1)?
  4. Or, is there a way to have direct to some kind of index.html page that I could make?

I dabbled briefly in IIS with the settings below. It worked in some ways and made others worse.

Those settings do indeed accomplish a redirect from (2) to (1) - from to

However, the problem is that if I try to enter the URL for the office interface, it ALSO redirects to the Data Collection site. And of course that is not what we want.

In fact, this seems to redirect ANYTHING that begins with - even different app server endpoints. I’m not trying to make anything on go to one place; only the exact address of

I’ll bump this post and then stop pestering if no one replies.

I mean, someone here does this, right?

Or do you all expect your users to memorize or whatever the URL is?

  1. Open IIS Manager.
  2. Select your site (
  3. In the Features View, double-click on “URL Rewrite.”

Now, add a new rule:

  1. Click “Add Rule(s)” on the right.
  2. Choose “Blank Rule” under the “Inbound Rules” category.

Configure the rule:

  1. Set the pattern to ^$ (matches the root).
  2. In the “Action” section, set the action type to “Redirect.”
  3. Enter the redirect URL as /DevK22Azure/Home.
  4. Check the boxes for “Append query string” and “Redirect type” (choose Permanent or Temporary based on your needs).

See where that gets you



I think that works in all ways that I try to break it. Thank you muchly.

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