Refresh a dashboard added via "New Custom Sheet"


I have built a dashboard based on a BAQ and then added it to a new tab in the Parts form via customization. It works well and filters the data based on the part number I am currently browsing.

The issue is that when I update the description, the dashboard description is not updated until I browse a new part and come back.

For this, I want to force a refresh of the sheet dashboard in the event PartLangDesc_AfterRowChange.
How I could do that? the oTrans.Refresh() only refreshes de part records, not the customized sheet dashboard.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome!
I think I had to attack this problem as well. Although mine was a completely custom dashboard, not a modified form. This should still work for you, or at least get you closer.

Thank you, I will keep it in mind for another customization.

For another, the solution I used was to link it in the main sheet as a “subscriber on demand” instead of “auto”, this way the system puts there a retrieve button automatically.