Refresh Checkbox after BPM Update


I’m looking for a way to refresh a UI field after I run an update bpm. I currently have a bpm setup on (EngWorkBench) update that checks for a part’s warranty before approving a revision. If this isn’t found then the update fails and the database value isn’t changed. The issue is that the UI field still has it checked and the form has to be manually refreshed to display the proper state of the checkbox.

Is there anyway to do this either in a bpm or customization? Any help would be great!
Thank you!

If you run a trace, you will see what method is called when you click the refresh button.
However, you may not be able to perform extra work if you are actually using the Error widget.

Can you explain what you mean exactly? I ran the trace but I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for, the GetByID?
Also, I’m assuming by error widget you mean the raise exception? I am currently using the exception widget to stop the update process.

Once you use an Exception widget, the rest of the logic stops.
I would offer that you could do the validation in the customization before saving.

Thank you for the suggestion. I just got it working in a customization utilizing the BeforeFieldChange method.