Refresh Form

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I am using UD100 and I have customised this form, I have epiShapes and a RowAction to make the form read only if a check box is true. If I change the record the form remains read only if I close and re-open the form and go the same record I changed too. The form is how it should be…

Any ideas how I can refresh the form without reopening and closing each time?

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Have used that a couple of times when we’d change data behind the scenes and need to show the current values.

I resolved by sorting out my row rules… and throwing a few oTrans.Refresh in the mix.

Thankyou, I forgot about that little one! So used to using oTrans.Update or Factory

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Do you have a BPM updating the record behind the scenes? If so, you may want to refresh the record in a BPM instead.
If this is occurring only with Customization code, I would offer your Row Rule is not setup properly.