At Insights they handed out a little key chain piece that has the company “tile” on it and it makes noise when you push the center. What is that for? It was something I didn’t think on at the time, but my boss asked and he is interested. :thinking::thinking:

How doe sit work with Epicor? Or was Epicor just advertising for them?

I think it was more of a gimmick token representing the possible applications of IoT… cant’ think of a way it would work with Epicor unless you could get the IoT side of it working for fleet management or inventory purposes or something like that… Hadn’t given it much thought…

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Just give it to your boss and tell him its a radiation detector, and he should have it on him at all times.

Then enjoy the free drinks your coworkers will buy you after you fill them all in on the “Boss is near” system. :wink:



Just hope boss don’t read this! Or I might need you to give me a job afterwards! LOL!!