Refreshing Display on EpicCurrencyConver

Hello all - we have a customization that calculates the Unit Price Value on Order Lines, but haven’t been able to find a way to have the visible Unit Price show the calculated result. The underlying data is updating fine, but the Display Value does not refresh - any tips would be helpful. The control doesn’t appear to have a .Text, .Value or other property open to us either.



Right, but I need it to show the new value on the screen before the user hits save.
What is the proper way to programatically set the display value of the epiCurrencyConver

Thank you Dan

Ah I see what you’re trying to do. Native controls (original) are not accessible unless you assign them with
“EpiCurrencyConver curUnitPricec = (EpiCurrencyConver)GetNativeControlReference(“curUnitPricec’s EpiGuid”);”

Then use curUnitPricec to set the calculated price.

Thanks Dan!

What Property on curUnitPricec do we use to set it…
.Text is empty,
.Value throws an exception

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Sorry, thinking about it I do not know if you can manipulate CurrencyConver like an editor. I have pricing pulled into my order entry but the only way i know is to edit the row, update and refresh.

No apologies - we are all in this together and documentation is sorely lacking.
Thank you for the assistance - If I find the answer I will post back.


I’m curious, whats the reason for not saving the data and refreshing it?

My customization pulls the price from a UD table and plugs it into the unit price field on partnum field change. It saves the order so that the price is set with oTrans.Update(); and then does the oTrans.Refresh(); to update the view.

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Just a business side request - this is the way their old system worked so they want it to be the same. Otherwise your approach is perfect.