Regenerate Data Model on Upgrade

From: 10.1.400 on App server App-A and SQL server SQL-A
To: 10.2.300 on App-B and SQL-B

After restoring a backup of the DB from SQL-A to SQL-B, is it required (or even recommended) to do Regenerate Data Model in the EAC for 10.2.300?

If so, do it after the “Upgrade Epicor Database” with EAC on App-B?

When you upgrade to Major version like 10.1.xx to, you have to run Upgrade Epicor database utility from Admin Console, it will take care regenerate data model and all script updates. Minor upgrades only needs to run Conversion workbench.

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I knew I had to run the Upgrade. Wasn’t sure if it did the data regen too.

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I don’t have a screenshot of the Database Upgrade GUI, but it is basically the last thing “Regenerate Data Model” it does after “Post-Migration” step. You will see it in the Admin Console >> Upgrade Epicor Database.

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