Reinstall of middleware openedge 10.2a and progress config. for epicor 905

Hello I inherited a client and we missed a critical backup on the openedge 10.2a middleware component server for for epicor 905 test. This server had a critical failure and needs to be rebuilt.

I have access to the production server but its throwing AppServer not licensed for container on all the resources. in openedge 10.2a

This server does seem to be working for the production clients.

However in this state i’m not sure how to add the test database. Actually even in a working state i’m not sure how to operate OE.

Is there a how-to guide on reinstalling this stuff? Does the test edition needs its own epicor 905 share on this server or just a msgsys file pointing to it?

OpenEdge_Install_102A_SP0329HF_Windows.pdf (79.8 KB)
fin.pdf (3.5 MB)

Here are some things from my Progress Days. Don’t know if they will help or not. I will look through some other files and see what I can find. It has been a long time since I did a reinstall of Epicor 9. I did put my test server on a different server. They do not recommend that they live on the same server.
Let me know if you have other questions and I can try to help.


Progress also has a very good knowledge base.[OpenEdge]

Epicor905_SPGuide_905700_Progress.pdf (694.1 KB)
Epicor905_Supplemental_Install_905700.pdf (1.8 MB)
Epicor905_NewInstallGuide_905700_Progress.pdf (737.3 KB)

Some more data that I found. Let me know if it is useful.

I still have the install executable programs too if you need them.


Remarkable everyone!!! i will run through these on a new server tonight!

Looking through our stuff I don’t see a server install just many many client installers. What am I looking for?

I would assume I need an installer for open edge which hopefully installs and configures progress? From there I can run the configs in these guides.