Remote Access Epicor without VPN


Is there anyway to access in Epicor remotely without VPN connection? That would be great help if you can suggest if there is any solution available.


  1. Remote Desktop to a workstation on the network, that has the E10 client installed
  2. Remote Desktop App server. Users would login to a website, and click the icon. That launches an instance of the E10 client on the server on the LAN, and presents it to the user as a remote app. They see windows just like they would if the launched the client from their workstation on the LAN. Remote resources (like printers and drives on the computer that is outside the LAN) may have some limitattions.

“Put Epicor in the Cloud” says the guy mostly likely to say that.

“When you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

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You know what time it is…

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Here are all of the Remote Access Tools provided by Microsoft:

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You can also publish an app server on a DMZ and allow the smart client to connect via https instead of net.tcp.

I do not recommend the Epicor Web Access.