Remote Site Kanban Racks connected to Epicor

I was wondering if anyone is using IIOT or some other form of automation to trigger replenishment from remote sites.

Im researching options to stock material at a customer as consignment and bill them as they use it.
What are the options to measure usage?

My thought was something like racks with scales that measure usage like some VMI companies use. but it would be preferred if i could automate the shipping and invoicing.

I remember working with a supplier who packaged all of their items with a barcode that contained the product ID and a serial number for the package. Our employees would use a barcode scanner at the supply rack whenever they took material. I assume they would then use that for replenishment and invoicing. There was a command to return materials as well to cover withdrawal errors. I believe the system transmitted once a day.

If you’re doing Kanban and depending on your racking, you could have empty racks scanned when a rack was used up.

The other option I’ve seen is a vending style machine but your product would have to work within that form factor.

Hi @Craig please reach out to me on email would be interested to discuss

i emailed you.

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