Remove an Unreceived Intercompany Receipt

We have a multi-company setup and we have 2 incoming Intercompany Receipts that will not process due to different errors. I would like to just manually receive the shipments against the PO and get rid of the automated incoming ones but I can’t seem to figure out how to remove them. Does anyone have any insight on how that might be accomplished?

I would think it is better to fix the issues as they appear on the multi company log, however if you want to delete them I think you can do it from the Integrated Table Workbench under External System Integration.

Thanks for the reply. I checked the Integrated Table Workbench and the only thing showing there are a bunch of AP entries that all have the same error about “Intercompany Receiving must be complet before AP Invoice” which, I must say, is super unhelpful.

There is an option in the Actions menu to delete entries, I guess it must work even if they do not appear on the search.

About the ap invoices stuck, if I remember correctly when you do the shipment and ar invoice for an intercompany PO at the same time and then run Multi-Company Direct Server Process it should do the receipt and create the ap invoice.

This however has had bugs before depending on which version you are, you can still go to Receipt Entry, process the Intercompany Receipt and then running the MC Direct process should generate the corresponding AP Invoice.