Remove signatures & link contents from forum search results

Hi guys,

Is it possible to set up search to ignore signatures & not dig into links? I searched for “Conversion 130” (without quotes) and many of the results got picked up from a signature link that isn’t relevant to the search phrase.


PS - I searched without quotes to see if there were more relevant results…
PPS - Keep up the good work! Finally got around to signing up on Patreon. Wish we could do an annual lump sum so the forum doesn’t get nailed with the monthly transaction charges…


At a minimum, provide an “excluding words” option in advanced search.

Preferably, allow a dash to exclude results containing the word.

"Conversion 130" -SimTrak

Working in minus search (it’s coming )
The signatures are removed automatically from emails anything that still has them is from the old Yahoo imports for the most part.
Also this forum is 100% indexed by google and you can use all their search bells and whistles within the their site keyword.

To omit in Google use this syntax my search terms -Yahoo

Will search within the site for search terms and omit anything with Yahoo