Remove time details

I need to remove time against an employee who has entered 3 days on one and it has been posted. Any ideas?

You can use time and expense entry to update/add/delete time entries for employees.

Thank you but not once they are posting.If I need to move time and enter a new line and a negative line it works fine but because these have been updated it now wont let me post negative lines and it gives me an error that the whole day is then a negative, which it isnt technically but the new entries are negative.

If the WIP Capture process ran and posted the transactions you will not be able to edit.
We we job adjustments to correct job labor transactions once they are posted.


would you happen to know about time approvals at all? I have set up supervisors and time approvals but when my supervisor approves my time it shows as partially approved?

I think it has to do with the role code assigned to the approver. They can’t have Time and Expense approval and Supervisor. uncheck supervisor and the approvals should work.


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