Remove whitespace from footer

Hi Mates,

I am dealing with a footer in a report which has image(footer Image) and a textbox(Used for signature).
Now here I am hiding the textbox on each page and the textbox will only be visible on the last page for signature purpose.
The footer size is fixed and there is a whitespace used by the textbox which the business does not want.
have anybody come across such issue ? Any lead will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance

Yes. To reacharound this, I create additional sections typically as the last section but outside any other Groups in the tablix, but in the Body of the report. Best example that comes to mind are terms and conditions on the PO. If you try to only print those on the last page of the PO, but in the footer, many pages will have giant unused space. Placing the terms and conditions in the Body but in an appropriate place, comes close to making it print near the bottom of the page in most cases and solves the Footer space issue.

And one thing that Epicor and SSRS don’t play well together with is that some reports are “batches”. Meaning that one report actually contains multiple documents.

Like printing all the AR Invoices from Invoice Entry group. If there are 10 invoices (of one page each), it prints as a single ten page report. Anything setup to print only on the first page, would only print on the first invoice of the ten. And similarly for items only shown on the last page, only the last invoice will contain them. These batch type reports can’t really use SSRS features that are "nly on first or last page.