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The job traveller should act as the pick list. The sub-assemblies need to be
issued to the job. You can then create another packing slip report (in
report builder if you do not have an ODBC driver) that incorperates the
JobAsmbl table (you will also need the JobProd table).

This however will not solve the back-issue problem.

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> Subject: [Vantage] How to Ship & Backorder Kit Parts?
> Our customers want to purchase standard kits of parts with a minimum of
> paperwork. To meet this requirement we create a parent part that becomes a
> line item on our sales order, and we create subassembly parts in a BOM.
> This works well in for order entry, production and invoicing, but is a
> major pain in shipping.
> The first problem is with the picking of the components to fulfill the
> order.
> The second problem is with the backorder of a component part.
> Does anyone have experience in similar issues? I'd like to discuss
> possible Vantage solutions.
> Steve Ashton
> Universal Showcase

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