Replicating Marketing Campaign and Event on the Customer table

Our marketing department needs to be able to keep track of customers by the campaign they were sourced from. I’d like to use the same MktgCamp and MktgEvnt tables that are used on QuoteHed, but I’m still new to this and can’t figure out how to correctly populate a combobox with the events for just the selected campaign. I know this will require some custom code but I don’t for the life of me know where to start.

Right now here’s what I’ve got working:

  • I have a combobox for the Campaign (instead of a search button like appears in Opportunity/Quote Entry) in Customer Maintenance.This correctly lists all available campaigns from the MktgCamp, displaying the description and returning the campaign ID.
  • I have a combobox for the Event (again, no search button - I would like to try and keep it that way). This currently lists all events from the MktgEvnt table, rather than just the events matching the MktgCampaignID.

As I said, I’m hardly sure where to even start. An event on BeforeDropdown? But then how to query the table/view for the right values and populate the field?

Thank you for any help.

Make a BAQ and a dashboard based on that. You can then use Tracker view in the dashboard for dynamic filtering by the user.

Vinay Kamboj

I have a working solution, though it’s not ideal. We only have one Campaign that will have more than one Event, and that’s “TRADE” - Tradeshow. So I just added a filter on the combobox for MktgCampaignID = ‘TRADE’

It doesn’t require any custom code and it’ll suit our needs for now. I can revisit this later if we need to add to it.