Report builder Question? (assigning record #s)

How about setting up an aggregate field that will count the records? Pick a
field that is in the record line and have the aggregate count on that field.
I use that when I want to calculate averages...

Gary Grenier
Bell Manufacturing Co.

> From: "Jim Stetter" <jimstetter@...>
> Subject: RE: Report builder Question?
> If you could somehow assign each record a record#, then you could do a
> calculated field using
> iif(Recno = 1, 0, (Recno - 1) MODULO (#of columns)), then sort by the
> calculated field and Recno.
> This would sort the records such that for columns=3; records 1,4,7...
> would =0; records 2,5,8..=1... effectively transposing the rows into
> columns. Like Wayne, I have not figured out how to assign a record #.
> Regards
> Jim Stetter