Report Builder To Epicor ERP

Is there a way to import/insert/transition an RDL that contains its own embedded data source and dataset; and generates accurate results when running it directly from the SQL Server Report Builder interface, to make it available as an accessible report in Epicor ERP… or… must all Epicor ERP reports be duplicated, then modified, from existing Epicor RDDs and report styles?

Is there no way to create an RDL completely outside of Epicor ERP and then make it available within Epicor ERP?

I usually create a Epicor menu item for the report using the SSRS URL. Not sure if that is what you mean by “available within Epicor”.

Thanks for the response, Larry. So, I’d merely publish the RDL up the the “CustomReports” folder on the SSRS report server and simply create a menu item for it?

Is there a reason why you wouldn’t make it as a BAQ report?

And if you needed to do something directly in an RDL’s dataset definition, you could make a BAQ Report, that just queries some basic table, but the RDL actually has it’s own data source defined.

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Bill, That is what I do. When creating the menu item in Epicor you’ll see URL Link as a Program Type in Menu Maintenance.

Thanks for the suggestion, @ckrusen .

The reason is/was - I had no idea that was an available tool in the arsenal. Your suggestion was perfect, as we have a lot of demands in my company for answers to “single-shot” KPI reporting questions that, in my opinion, are better served by quick SSRS reports, rather than a dashboard.

Taking your suggestion, I did some studying on it and came up with a good solution for the issue I had been working on (example here):

You helped me out quite a bit, so I appreciate it.

For those reading this post, Calvin’s solution worked for my particular needs in this specific instance. Your needs may vary greatly and may require other methods within Epicor to provide data reporting to your use base.