Report Builder Version Questions

My first BAQ and it’s already giving me fun challenges. Trying to make something similar to the Stock Inventory Report that sales can have distributed to customers automatically. (My thoughts are that I should start learning BAQ’s and reports before learning REST in order to build a customer portal)

When I analyze the BAQ I get exactly what I want,
Company Name, Part Number, Quantity of Goods in Finished Goods Bin

Now all I am trying to do is generate using Report Builder a digestible report.
I’m walking through the steps from the Kinetic ICE documentation and I’ll highlight each rough patch I’ve ran into.
First I download the SSRS Report, when I open using Report Builder I fail to connect to the URL. (Trying to fix that one don’t really know where to start)
I close the error pop up and get the report builder. Using the table wizard I get this table:
When I save and upload this SSRS and test it I get the customer Name and then an aggregate sum of product for each company. So if company A has five parts with each 20,000 units it will give me company A, a blank part number, and 100,000 units.
So my question is how do I get it to the sum of goods for each part number per company?
Our part numbers are serialized so one part is only ever tied with one company.

Check for Group by properties in SSRS Report Builder and add group on company column and then left click on group and select add total after for Company group, Secondly make sure your BAQ is Cross company.