Report Data Definition - Can the same table be used twice on E10?


Somebody told me this is possible but I get an error if I try to add a table that has already been added, has anybody been able to do this?

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I was going to suggest adding the 2nd table with a different name, like:


But that also yields an error when trying to save.


You’d probably have to create view of the table you want to add, then add the view. If that’s even possible.

If the data you need from the table is a custom UD field, you can add the UD extended table:


But this only gives you access to the UD fields.

Unfortunately in this case I need to link the Customer table twice because they have a condition which depends on a UD field, at first the link between SalesRep->Customer->OrderHed was using the UD field but now they need to pull the SalesRep email from the ShipTo and since I already have a link with the UD I cannot create a new link with an alias. This scenarios seem to common that I cannot believe is not possible.

Thank you for your response!