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Theer are cases when SSRS Reports (based on Report Data Definition) do not return data. The task appears to be in Active State in the Systask for around 30 mins (the default time after which report gets timeout).
This could be due to various reason, one of them is the large amount of data.

Do we have a chance to find out the BAQ or Query being generated behind the process ? This is required in order to analyze the query, if there is some error either in Query or in the Data…


I dont know of any way to determine the query an RDD uses.

Is this a system RDD or one you’ve customized?

I would start by reducing the data the RDD is processing using the reports filters or options. To see if it is particular records, or just the qty of data being processed.

Might be something in here that coukd help

In many cases the culprit was, someone pushed the “Sync Dataset” button on Report Style Maintenance. It can take a Job Traveler from 10 seconds to literally 10 minutes. If you have pushed that Button on an Report, you might want to use the Base SSRS Style, with your New Report Data Definition for a quick test.

Anyhow, Epicor writes to the Epicor SSRS Reports Database, you would want to run your Profiler there as well.

Your Options:

  1. SQL Profiler (lots of youtube videos on it)
  2. Epicor Performance and Diagnostics Tool - Via Admin Console you can Enable SQL Logging and then you can just read the log files in ServerLog.txt or use Epicor PDT to parse it for easier reading.

For more information you can download the Epicor Performance Tuning Guide Technical Reference from EpicWeb, it has a whole section on Server Logs, Profiling, Tracing.

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Synch dataset Yikes!