Report Data Definition - Support Table Aliasing - Relationships on Same Child Diff Parent

The Report Data Definition if it is to be used as the determining factor what Data makes it into those Temp_GUID SSRS Tables which you then can work with, we need to give it some attention.

Few Things:

  • Ability to Add Aliased Tables (JobHead and JobHead1 and JobHead2) if we can do this atleast then we can JOIN on JobHead with 1 Parent and JobHead1 with another Parent
  • If above cant be done then ability to have Parent1 Relationship on JobHead and Parent2 Relationship on JobHead
  • Ability to JOIN on Linked Table Columns in Relationships
  • Get rid of the confusion OUTPUT / Definition Only it says in all the help docs inner join vs left join, well thats never the case I have beaten it to death.

That would be helpful, I would also piggy back on this suggestion being able to add then our own entries to the data set relations, I have a few custom ones that would be handy to add when linking tables.


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If Epicor won’t be able to allow this with RDDs.
I’ve been able to add table aliases within SSRS report builder.
Requires manually editing a Datasets Query expression and Fields.
Definitely a pain but…

One other thing I’d like to see related to RDDs is more transparency with calculated data sources e.g. Tphas in TimePhase, TWip in WIPReport, etc…
(and the Report Calculated fields)
Would be nice if the online help included definitions, how these are built/populated.
Currently it is hit and miss when you contact support… occasionally they have found an answerbooks for a report that use calculated datasources. Usually those answerbooks have been for older versions of Vantage.

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Are you pulling the whole table and then joining it in the data set to each parent?