Report Data Definition - VendBank

Hi all,

I am missing something. I need to bring in a UD field from VendBank into my AP Payment Entry ACH report (Crystal). Looking at the generated XML, I can see the table in the schema but it is not showing in the data. It is just not getting any data. Has anyone been successful at this or can help me?

Currently, my relationships are CheckHed to ApTrans relating on HeadNum and then ApTran to VendBank relating on BankID. I’ve tried adding VendorNum and all but it made no difference.

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You’ve updated the RDD to include the UD fields?

Then updated the Report Style to use the new RDD?

And finally, updated the XML referenced in in the CR, to see the new data?


Yes, absolutely on all 3. Even though you don’t edit the resulting XML. When viewing it, you can see VendBank in the data set but it is not pulling any data records. I have a BAQ with the same relationships which does pull the expected data.


So the VendBank fields show in the XML, but all contain null values?

Thank you. I finally managed to get this worked out. What a pain that was.

What was the issue? I’m running into a similar issue, where the table is in the schema but no data for the table is in the XML tree structure.


My issue was when relating VendBank to CheckHed, I had to change the relationship type to Output. This fixed it for me.



Thanks for the response. My scenario is set to output as is yours, so I guess I have something else causing the problem. My relationship is ShipDtl and Part, for both the Master Pack labels RDD and the Customer Shipment labels RDD. On the Master Pack, certain columns are not outputting to the XML file but the table is there. On the Shipment labels, the Part records are missing entirely. In both cases, the Part schema is present. Damn annoying.