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I need help converting a BAQ into a report that can be easily emailed out. Is there an easy way to do this? Do I need to create an SSRS form from scratch in Microsoft Report Builder? If so, how do I save the changes and test?

You could build it one of two ways. Through the BAQ Report Designer screen, or the more advanced/robust way through the Report Data definition screen by adding the BAQ as a datasource.

If your needs are simple id recommend the BAQ Report Designer screen for a first timer.


The most basic steps would be:

  1. Design your BAQ (make sure it is shared)
  2. Create a BAQ Report (I always use the same ID for the BAQ and the BAQ Report)
  3. Using Report Style (the BAQ Report ID will be the report’s ID as well), download the report
  4. Open SSRS Report Builder (this is outside of E10)
  5. Open the report you downloaded (the RDL file)
    It should have the Datasource and DataSets already configured
  6. Add a tablix and set it to use the BAQReportResults dataset.
    build your report
  7. Save your report.
  8. Upload the report to E10 from in Report Style Maint. You don’t actually choose the RDL file, but rather the loaction of the reports folder you downloaded. For example, if your ReportStyle has teh file location set as
    When you selected the location to download it to in step 3 as c:\temp, it would create the directory structure:
    c:\temp\reports\CustomReports\ and there is were the ExampleBAQ.RDL file would be.
    When you go to upload, select the folder c:\temp

That’s the 10,00 foot view


that just makes the report that Epicor can then run. You’d still need to create a menu entry so people could run it.

And Emailing it would be the next steps. Do you have APR (Adv Print Routing)?

When I preview the changes in SSRS Report Design before publishing it looks perfect, but then when I am in BAQ Report Designer and preview it is showing a blank file besides the default headers. Any thoughts?

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You uploaded the RDL back to the server, and saved the Report Style, and everything?

In BAQ Report Designer, you selecting the correct Style? And it wouldn’t hurt to close BAQ Report designer and re-open it.

I did publish the RDL back to the server and the report style is saved and is the one I am using. I just closed out and reopened BAQ Report Designer and it is still blank

When testing it in the Report builder did you accidentally leave a default value in the GUID parameter?

To make sure that I’m really seeing the report that I dedited, I’ll often put a small static textbox in the header or footer with some text to indicate the “version”. If the preview from within E10 isn’t showing the same, I know it’s not using my edits. Changing the backgound colors of the header, foot specific rows, etc… works too.

No default value is the option it is currently on for GUID

The textbox with the version shows up in ssrs report design preview but not in the baq report designer. Also is there a way to specify in the email to send only values for today’s date orders?

Sounds like the edited RDL isn’t uploaded, or isn’t where E10 expects it to be.

You can’t change the name or the location of the RDL you downloaded. Because the upload process just looks for the directory structure, and uploads exactly what it finds.

When downloading the following BAQ Report


I choose the location:


(note that I select that “Documents” folder, I don’t open it.)

Then I get the message:


If I use Windows explorer I can see:

When uploading I have to pick the same location


The upload process will look for the RDL file on the SSRS path, starting at the folder i select.

And you should see:


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Good afternoon all,

I am having the same issue of good data in BAQ but when previewing in Report Designer I only get the Title and Headers. I am not downloading and editing the SSRS. Trying to go the more simple route because it is a simple report.

Report is not showing error in System Monitor and there is no mention of “no records selected,” etc.
Just a blank report.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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Did you upload your report after editing?

I did not download and edit so nothing to upload. Is that a necessary step for EVERY Report Design?
I thought it was an option. (See cfinley’s post above.) I also have not seen anything in ERP documentation that requires the download and edit step. I could just be missing it.

Sorry, misunderstood your first post. Yes, when you create a BAQ report, you need to edit it as the report is blank until you decide what/how to display. You must design the report and then save it back to the report server.

Well…that explains all that white space then doesn’t it ?

Thank you for the clarification. I’ll see if I can get that worked out.

Making a new report does create a blank-ish RDL. That RDL will have the approriate data source, datasets and fields already setup. As well as generic header info like date, time, report name, etc…

But the body will be blank and you’ll need to add the fields and place them how you want them to show.

It would have been nice if the file built would have automatically put a tablix in their with all your columns. You’d then at leats get a table view that looks like the BAQ preview.

Thank you ckrusen.

I did your “basic steps” post above; I guess I just missed some key points. First Timer doing this.

I downloaded MS Report Builder. My struggle now is connecting that to the server. Getting various errors. I’ll re-read your post and continue to beat it up.

Thank you both for the assistance.

I have data on my report. It’s not pretty but I will learn how to make it so.

Thanks again for everything guys. Have a great weekend.