Report hangs in System Monitor as "ACTIVE"

Hi everyone. We are getting ready to upgrade to Kinetic 2022.1 (with classic screens for now) and are applying various fixes to our custom reports. As I figured, we had to fix errors in our Invoice report and that is working fine now. We had the same kind of errors on our custom Credit Memo report so I started making the same kind of fixes. (Note: Long ago, we chose to create a separate report style, RDD, and RDL for our Credit Memo, copying from our custom RDD for ARForm.) So, I added any calc fields that were missing and after checking the SSRS logs on the server for more details, removed any fields we didn’t need if the dataset had errors like: Query execution failed for dataset ‘CashHead’.

Now all of a sudden, our Credit Memo report will not finish in system monitor. I’ve never seen this type of behavior with ANY report in our current version (10.2.500) or other previous versions. I also have not seen this with any other reports that I’ve updated in this Kinetic environment.

Of course I checked the task agent to make sure it was still running, it was. I stopped and restarted it and also restarted the actual service on the server, with no luck. I checked the SSRS logs on the server and it’s not showing me any errors.

Does anyone know what other logs I could check to see what is going on? The 2 reports below have been running since yesterday and would normally take just a few seconds to popup.

I had this exact problem with “Generate PO Suggestions” running for multiple days and was unable to close/delete the task. EpicCare created a DataFix for me to close the task which was successful. My case number was CS0003277282.

We also had some reports doing this a week or two ago. I contacted support and they fixed it. No explanation, that just fixed it and now the reports work.

I’m not confident that deleting the active task via a data fix or other means would resolve my issue since I am able to run other reports just fine while this specific report is stuck. Also, I pulled up a different invoice/CM and tried to preview that one and it got stuck also. (That’s what the 2 are in my screenshot.)
So even if Support provided a data fix to delete the stuck tasks/reports, I would think I could then run the Credit Memo report again and it would get stuck again, wouldn’t you think?

Depending on your timeline consider waiting for 2022.2 it’s coming out mid October and the difference between 2022.1 and 2022.2 customization wise is minimal.

Nothing I can think of log wise. I haven’t seen this happen personally on the later versions, only thing I can think of is that something in the RDD is freaking it out that didn’t upgrade nice. Does this report have a custom RDD if so try deleting the style, RDD, etc and building the report back up from a solution file or manual imports

Also, I don’t know how to lookup cases that aren’t mine. :flushed:

You don’t look up the case, but you would add CS0003277282 to the “Reference Case Number” field when entering your case (very bottom of the form I think on the right column). That helps them B-line a solution.

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@scline I just had this issue with our Job Travelers and it was linked to a print driver that needed to be updated on the server.