Report issues with upgrade from 10.1.500 to 10.2.700

Hello, we are in the process of upgrading form 10.1.500 to 10.2.700 and ran into issues with three reports: Sales Order Acknowledgement, AR Invoice and MICR Check. We were able to resolve our MICR check issue internally, but are still having issues with the other two. We are getting errors similar to this and Support is not helpful:

“Program Ice.Services.Lib.RunTask raised an unexpected exception with the following message: RunTask:System.ArgumentException: Column ‘Calc_AttributeSetShortDesc’ does not belong to table OrderRel” (this is the error from Sales Order Acknowledgement).

Does anyone have working versions of these reports for 10.2.700 that they could share?

We are on Cloud and when we recently updated from 10.2.600 to 10.2.700.8, in Pilot we experience the same thing with SO Ack and a couple of others. It appeared that the update in some way, made changes to the RDL via Dataset. Since we had modified versions of the reports, I was just able to “re-upload” from local versions of the custom report styles. And of course since Live was as of yet untouched, I had those files to fall back on.
Support should be aware as it seems to have been a common issue.
Are any of these recovery options available to you?

The odd thing is that despite this being a new deployment every environment on the new server has the incorrect Data Definitions for those two reports. I am not even trying to work with custom SSRS at this point, I am just trying to get the base reports to work.

Ouch, well, you can’t update the system default ones so Epicor Support is going to have to address it. If I understand the issue correctly.

I can put together new ones with the missing pieces if I just knew what the pieces need to be. I got it down from about 50 missing fields to 10 but I’m stuck now.