Report Labels

Newbie here (again)

Here I’m referring to not printing labels using a report but rather the concept of report labels as contained in the “RptLabels” dataset that shows in MS Report Builder.

What is the intention/vision for report labels vs me just placing a textbox with some static text on my report.

The only thing I can think of is for localization ?

Am I missing something ?

localization is the big one

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Yes, localization. By putting the labels in the dataset, Epicor has the opportunity to translate them before it gets to SSRS. For example, order acknowledgements and invoices will be generated in the language of the customer set in Customer Entry. We’re in the process of making the translations we need for our European branch and it would be a nightmare without this functionality. Even without the different language packs purchased, you can (or I can on my on-prem/Azure E10 install) manually put in the translations your business needs. I’ve even got a nifty little trick using Excel to create an XML file that Language Maintenance can import.