Report Options: "File:" to network share with permissions

I’d like to generate a report to a file location other than the default location.
The post below goes into detail about how to use this functionality, although I am having trouble getting it to write anywhere besides the default \EpicorData\Reports{user}\ folder.

I am able to specify the “File:” option and name the report with the parameters available

But, if I specify a different share, it fails to write the file.
In the example below, I create a file share ("\file01\Debug") and make sure that the app pool identity where the task agent is running has full permissions on that share.
It throws the error when I try to run that report:

Program Ice.Services.Lib.RunTask raised an unexpected exception with the following message: RunTask: Unauthorized server path "\\file01\Debug\{ReportID}.pdf".

Is there some trick to getting this to work properly?

That’s gonna be tough. The process runs with the permissions of the System Agent Account Service and or the AppServer AppPool account.
So you’d have to make sure (somehow) that those accounts have access to the network share.
Even then… I’m not sure how that would work you may be better off letting it drop in a local file and just have a little script that copies that file to where you want it to ultimately end up.

What’s weird is that the share is given full permissions to all my service accounts. No reason I can think of why it’s failing, other than maybe syntax.

Regarding the copy script, that was my other plan. I wanted to chain these transactions together in a BPM but the crappy part is that I’m not sure when the file would generated, so I can’t run the script in a single transaction/schedule.

The other thing I tried was setting the ReportStyle row properties in the BPM but that was ignored outright. Probably just gets rather than sets.
hmm :thinking: