Report to Reconcile Inventory

Alright accounting gurus. What report/process do you use to reconcile inventory balance to the general ledger. The only thing I have found is the stock status report but just want to make sure we are doing to correct comparison. Be gentle…I am just an IT guy stuck in the middle.

Stock Status is the main go to report. Make sure to include the right
options including checking non-stock items and negative on hand checkbox
when running. Remember also that it is only accurate as a “sub-ledger
report” so to speak as when you ran the last Capture COS/WIP Activity. Also
remember that it uses the part tran table so if you want to review what
your inventory on hand looked like at a certain date it will show you the
on hand but it will not necessarily be accurate as to the value of the
inventory on that date, depending on your costing method so you should run
an extract of the report each month and save it as part of your accounting

If you want to review the inventory transactions you can also use the
material transaction detail report

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Thanks Mark. Exactly what I was looking for.

give the man a solved :slight_smile:


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