Report To Show How Often A User Has Run Generate Suggestions?

I’ve been tasked with figuring out if there is a way to report on when and how many times the Generate Suggestions process has been in Epicor 8.03. Anyone know if there’s an easy way to do this?

I’m not sure there is anything to show a full history but the System Monitor will show the most recent, and on our system the SysTask folder shows a months history for Generate PO Suggestions.

That’s what I was afraid of. I’ve logged in as manager for our System Monitor and it only shows the user logged in and their tasks, even when choosing to show all tasks.

Our SysTask folder doesn’t contain any files other than the delete.r and write.r files.

On the System Monitor you need to ensure you’re looking at the ‘History Tasks’ tab and not Active.

Also, I’m not sure about a Sys Task folder but I mean the SysTask table (I have a BAQ on the table).

I am looking in the history tab with view all tasks. It only shows the current user logged in. Not sure why but it’s frustrating. I know 10 shows everything.

Ahhh, that makes more sense. You’d mentioned folder but must have meant the table. I was able to look into it and don’t see anything. That table isn’t holding the information I need. I’m honestly not sure it’s going to be there as further digging has me realizing he’s not running a process with what he is doing.

He’s not running Generate Suggestions. He is running New PO Suggestions. He then clicks on the binoculars to search and pulls in the PO Suggestions to create the POs. This doesn’t trigger a process, as far as I can tell.

Am I correct in this line of thinking? Is there a way to track if he’s doing this?

Sorry I did mean table! You’re correct, that’s not a process, but that screen is populated from the Generate PO Suggestions being run, although I’m not sure if it’s also populated as part of the MRP run.

When MRP runs, it does a number of different things.

  • It reviews demand for manufacturing by looking at Sales Orders, Manufacturing demand and Inventory which then creates MRP jobs (Job Suggestions)

  • It reviews demand for purchasing by looking at Sales Orders, Manufacturing Demand and Inventory demand to create PO Suggestions and changes. MRP causes regeneration of the PO suggestions.

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You’re all good! You helped me figure it out and realize I can’t do it.

There’s now a follow up question: Is there a way to see when demand was created for MRP?

Demand for a purchased part? I would suggest looking into the job that the material is required for and start there.

Yeah… I think he’s looking for information on when MRP first sees demand. He wants to see it in a report because of the way we move jobs around and the time frame we firm up jobs. Parts haven’t been ordered on time and he wants to know why.

We work with demand from unfirm jobs but I would suggest looking into when the job was created that the material is required for. And also review Time Phase.

Tracy, with the job creation date, would it be the date it was created or the date the job was firmed? We run MRP and unfirmed jobs are created and we don’t necessarily firm the job right away. Will this affect demand?

The created date should show the date the job was created and doesn’t change when the job is firmed \ released.