Reporting a LOT Part

When using Time & Expense to report production. I find that a lot tracked part only logs it’s lot as the current job number.

I looked in the T&E data objects to find a place where I could modify that lot number with no luck.

Is there a specific BPM I need to implement to do this? If so what method?

Also, what comes first, the chicken (PartTran record) or the egg (PartBin record)?

PartTran is a running list of all transaction. PartBin, is only a status list of what bins have what parts in them (no history). PartBin could theoretically be empty if you sold all of your inventory. The PartTran table only gets bigger.

Not sure what you mean by first…

If I add a part to a bin, it’s a part transaction. So both tables are hit, but which happens first?

Have you looked at your Company Configuration to see how the Lot tracing is set up? You probably have Use Job Number as Lot Default checked. You can find it under Modules > Materials > Inventory > Lot in the Company Configuration. Also, look at the Application Help for Lot Number Entry. You may be able to set something up without having to create a BPM.

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Beth is right that there is a setting in the Company config for the Lot number inheriting the Job number, however if you want a different lot numbering scheme to be used you need to setup the Lot numbering sequencing in Part entry. There is an option for Global Lot # sequencing as well.
This can actually become a quite complex topic, just a warning on that.
But if you don’t have the Part Lot # sequence configured in Part Maint, it will default to the job number anyways, as there is no other option for it.
(at least that’s how it’s been working for me)

Edit: Unless I misunderstood what you want to do, I don’t think you need a BPM, base functionality should allow you to configure the default lot sequencing logic you need per part or globally.


Thanks for all the input. Global Lot Sequencing may work. I was just looking at a way of doing a serial number (lot in this case) by pallet, not box. This way I could have better traceability of the pallets.

I think I see what you are after now… that kinda changes things
perhaps… Depending on what version you are on, Epicor’s relatively new
Package Control, may also work for you.
The foundations of this was added in 10.1 and I have a client that really
needs it for per skid tracking but they are on 10.0 and don’t have the
budget to upgrade yet… really nice improvement to Epicor. I will see if
I can find a video to post, but here is a short article:

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IT Business Consultant
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I’ve been waiting for that feature. I am on 10.1.400 so it isn’t fully implemented. I don’t know what state it’s in on 10.1.600 but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. If you have a video, I’d love to see it. Thanks!

Based on the Roadmap at Insights 2016 and 2017, Inventory functions will be added to 10.2.
The best video I could find was from and Estes Group video from over 18 months ago starting at 1:27:00:

Not endorsing anyone, just found a video resource.