Reprint Material Tags

If a material tag get damaged and you need to reprint it how can you do that easily? I have only found that we have to make transaction on the part to reprint the tag. Any suggestions? Thanks Kim

I created an updatable dashboard that uses a UD checkbox on the receipt line. Then made a data directive to dump a bt file to print.

Or you can use the print station, create your label and have prompts.

could they just go in Receipt tracker and reprint if needed?

Yes they could if you use Epicor to print them… I forgot about that since we don’t use SSRS or Crystal to print our labels.

If this has been solved, please mark the post that completed it. That way searching users will know they can find an answer here.

how do we do that?

Located here in the FAQ

I have discovered we had a previous customization BAQ report designer to reprint tags. It is clunky but works.

How does your customization BAQ Report work to reprint the tags? Are you reprinting the standard tag or a custom report style tag? Which table and fields are you pulling from in the BAQ to reprint it?

I no longer work for that company and don’t have the old code we used to do this. Sorry.