Required Material Not Matching PO Suggestions

We have recently started creating out own internal library for purchased material. These are set up to reflect sticks of material. Usually as 12 or 20 feet and “EA-LEN” for purchasing. Planning is adding their material lines on the job and putting in their required quantity in inches. When the PO suggestion is running some parts are not calculating the number of sticks correctly.

Example: Our job is for a qty of 1. The material planner is hanging the material in inches (Qty/parent: 480 inches) and this is not marked as a fixed qty. The Part number in our Part Master is for 20 feet and “EA-LEN”. This would mean we need 2 sticks. The PO suggestion is only coming across as 240 Our Qty and Supplier Qty 1.

Not sure if this is happening because of the “EA-LEN” or what is happening. I have been thrown into this after the fact and the person that was doing this process is no longer here. Any help is appreciated.

[quote=“agraue36, post:1, topic:87359”]
Mtl Qty/parent: 480 inches…2 sticks (PUM). [/quote]

Sorry no answer, reading your example just brought a few questions to mind…

Part Master - 20 feet is the IUM?
and 1 “stick” is the PUM?
and “EA-LEN” is the UOM Class… conversion is1 stick = 240 inches?

Do your jobs always consume whole “sticks” or partial lengths used? e.g. Mtl ReqQty could be less than 240 inches?
Is the Part set up as Non-Stock or do you stock these?
And if stocked, could you ever have partial sticks in inventory… e.g. 1/2 stick/120 inches?


Screenshot of how most of the new parts were set up.

They do not always consume whole sticks. But my example is actually a real issue I am having and the math was easy. I need two 20 ft sticks, but the suggestion is telling purchasing to just order one 20 ft stick. The “Non-Stock Item” check box is checked on the Part Detail tab but is not checked on the Sites tab.

OK, sites NonStock setting will rule, so my first guess is that you currently have some qtys of this material in stock.

I know there are a few prior topics on related to managing raw materials with conversions like this that discuss the “pros and cons” of various solutions.
( none of which are perfect ).
If you want to try some searching…sorry I don’t have any links handy right now.