Requisition Approval by email for executives and travelers

We have a request to provide a means of approving Requisitions via email. Currently, the approver gets an email and then needs to go into Epicor to approve it.
We’d like to provide an option to approve via a simple reply to the email with a Y or N.
Has anyone built something along this line and could you provide some guidance on how it was implemented? i.e. what receives the email and how is the system updated to the response (Y or N)?
Thanks for any ideas and guidance.

There is a third party package that does this (don’t recall the name).

This should be doable via REST. Something like (off the top of my head):

  • Create a GUID for the PO request and store in a UD table.
  • Create a PHP or ASP page to accept the link in the email.
  • Create the email with a link in it, with the GUID for the request as a parameter to the link
  • The PHP or ASP page (which runs server side):
    • Takes the parameter from the URL
    • Builds a REST call, to get the PO Auth Request info from the GUID
    • Builds a REST call, to update the Approval.

The third party package sounds like the Enhanced Requisitions solution ? This has multiple approval levels e.g. routing through one or more approvers depending on order value and approvals can be done directly within Epicor or via email. The brochure should be downloadable from here:

Additional: I’ve been told (thankyou Mr. Ward!) that a new demo video was also released yesterday:

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