Requisition Entry Form Customizations

I have been attempting to customize the Requisition Entry form to show the Actions Log in a grid on the Summary page but I am having several issues and any advise would be appreciated.

First, I have attached the ReqLog table using the Foreign Key View under the ReqHead and attaching the grid I have added to that. Right now it is only getting the first record and I am not sure why it isn’t returning all of them. (see attached snapshot)

Second, I have been able to move the Requisition Line Items grid on the Summary tab but since I did that I cannot get it to resize after I moved it and resized it once. If I go into it through Customization Maintenance it looks how I want it to (after making the changes and saving them) but it doesn’t look right if I open it from the menu. UPDATE: After multiple times of saving/moving/resizing/saving I finally got the grid to be as wide and the the location I wanted. Still not sure why it looked different in Customization Maintenance.

Third, when I open the form it goes to the Header tab and I want it to open on the Summary tab. I have tried setting focus to it in the Load event but that doesn’t work. How do I make it open the Summary tab instead of the header tab?