Requisition Entry Help

We recently started using the requisition entry modules and we are having a strange issue where some requisitions are not showing up on the New Suggested PO Module. Has anyone else had this issue?

Confirmed that all steps were completed (i.e. approver’s approved them)??

Anything special about the ones that don’t appear? Like they are for a specific buyer, use specific part class, etc …


The steps we have is that once it is submitted it goes straight to the purchaser. They are the default buyer for everything in system. The ones not appearing are not buyer or part or part class specific and they were all submitted by individuals whom have submitted requisitions in the past with no problem. Thanks for the quick reply!

What is the name of the program where you check the “New Suggested”?

I can try and see how it is pulling them so it might be easier to identify the problematic ones.

“New Po Suggestions”. Thanks for the help!

I see that POSuggEntry uses Adapter method GetRowsPlant for the Search.

It looks at table Erp.SugPoDtl and will retrieve only records where SugPoDtl.BuyerID exists in the list of authorized buyers in table Erp.PurAuth for the current user.

So for example, if epicor user “dgreenEA” has one record in table Erp.PurAuth where BuyerID = “John”, then the search will only look at records where SugPoDtl.BuyerID = “John”

May be these parts in the requisitions are linked to a new part class and in the part class master “Requisitions” are not selected.

May be the partclass is linked to a specific buyer in the partclass master and the user is not authorized for the selected buyer.