So, we have had a management change up and I need to re-route the requisition approval process. Any ideas where to look or what to do?

I love your posts! They remind me of phone calls I get sometimes.
Just to be clear you are referring to the REQUISITION approval and NOT the PO approval ?

Requisition configuration is setup from various programs:

  1. User Maintenance to determine who can and cannot requisition
  2. Requisition Actions Maintenance, here is where you create each of the Requisition action/steps and who is authorized to do each.
    There is a good Course Guide PDF usually included in your Education install that can walk you through how to setup in a test/train DB.

If you installed education you should find the PDF on your App server inside inetpub:

Does this help or can you rephrase your question?


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Well Thank you Rick! One day I hope to be as knowledgeable as the rest. Everyday I have a new struggle and anew learning experience. Everyone’s, especially yours, has been extremely helpful in my learning and understanding of Epicor. BTW, this did help. I also found a BPM we use for this and needed toi edit that as well. So, hopefully this works out good!

where does this lost one find Requisition Actions Maintenance?

MAterial Management–>Purchse Management–>Setup–>Requisition Actions.

Drop the Mainteneance. Jsut Requisition Actions


Thank you William!

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