Resource Group, Resource, Operation setup

Good Morning,

Can anyone who is running well with their shop floor operating off of priority dispatch report (or self made priority report or dashboard) or efficient use of MES provide info on how they setup their Resource groups, resources, and operations?

We struggle for years with our setup and unusable priority dispatch report. Our dates are OK. We do get jobs scheduled fairly well. I think a big problem is that we have generic operations with resource group assignment and the resources under the resource groups are not really interchangeable. EG: Operation Drill has big drill resource group and resource assigned under it. When routing created, entry person selects drill and let’s it go with the default resource group, without picking different resource gp/resource (eg small drill) when needed.

So… should we have many operations with different details, eg small drilling, large drilling, then a resource group id for small drill and large drill, and then resources that can handle eg,small drill and large drill under there? I know that capabilities can come into play also. Uh, IDK even what to do with that. We are not using global scheduling. We just schedule the job when engineering or releasing it.

Any standards or recommendations that you find are working well would be appreciated!


What you are asking is very complex. It all depends on how detailed you want to be and what your people can handle. Epicor can schedule all the way down to specific resources if it is set up correctly. It can even know that this job can only be done on a large drill and this other job could be done on either the small or large drill. The first step would be to walk through your processes and determine what they are now and what you want them to be. Without detailed requirements, it will be hard for anyone to really help you.