Resource Groups/Resources Input/Output Warehouse & Bins

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We are conducting some testing on the Resource Group Input/Output Warehouse & Bins & also the Resource Input/Output Warehouse & Bins.

Can anyone shed some light on the difference, if there is one? We would like to see the material request activated to a handheld, therefore I would think we need them to be in two different warehouses, since we pull the material from Raw. However, would this be done at the Resource Group level or the Resource level?

We are beginning to use MES for starting setup, request material, queue material, deliver material via handheld, start production, finish production, report quantities, complete job & queue a pickup to place product in stock/finished goods.

Do we have to have the Resource Group I/O Warehouse & Bin different than the Resource I/O or should they be the same? Also, which one does the material queue receive the request from, or both?


The hierarchy is to use the resource level if that resource is marked as a location. If the resource is not marked as a location the resource group level takes over.

Your bin question depends on your bin setup. If you have bins setup for each individual resource location then the resource needs to call out its specific bin location. If you have one bin for all the machines in the resource group then they would be the same bin.

Most likely your out bin will be the same as your in bin, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, if you have an assembly line setup you may want the in and out bins to be different.

Brad Boes

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To Piggyback on what Brad said, it does depend on how your process is physically laid out. For instance if you have say 3 operations on different resources that the mfg part will go through and at each step different parts will be added to the assembly then it could be setup where the Out Bin of the First Op is the Input Bin of the next op. This would require each op to have it’s own resource or resource Group:

[Op10InBin] -> Op10 -> [Op10OutBin/Op20InBin] -> [Op20OutBin/Op30InBin] -> Op30 [Op30OutBin]

Then when each Op requests material it will be delivered to that Op’s Primary Resource’s Input Bin.

-Rick Bird
Aligned Solutions Consulting, LLC

Thank you Brad & Rick!

Most of our jobs only have one operation, therefore I would think the in/out would be two different bins. The in bin pulls from the raw location and the out would trigger a move to finished goods. However, I do not see where the handheld receives a queue to pick up the finished product… it looks as though they can only process using the job receipt to inventory, only after being manually notified (maybe a light indicator or someone waving them down as they pass by).

Do either of you know how we can make this appear in their queue to pick up and put away to the inventory location?

The MFG to STK pending transaction does show up in the queue for you though?

Brad Boes

No, it does not. Nor does the MFG-STK appear in the list for items to be used when assigning the warehouse team either. I have tried all of the transactions listed to select and none of them queue a pick up for Finished to be taken to stock.

Wasn’t there a setting on a final op that requested a move?

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Hello Chris,

The resource group & the resource both have Auto Move checked and the operation is marked as final.

We do not want to use the Auto Receive function.

Is the stock quantity increasing when you complete the operation? You may want to uncheck the Auto Move checkbox on the resource. With Auto Move checked then the system may be automatically processing the movement without actually queuing it.

Something else to note is if the out bin of the final operation is the same as the in bin of the next location then the system will not trigger a move request either.


Hi Josh,

I have been struggling with this portion - run several tests and am not liking any of the outcomes just yet. This last test I ran, the product is still sitting in WIP, not the finished area. I had the input/output as two different warehouses & the auto move was on for both Re-Group & Resource.

Here is what we have and/or can use:

Input warehouse: Should this be the actual Raw Materials Warehouse, or should this be the Production area where the driver has stacked the Raw Material for the operator to actually pick from to process the job?

Output warehouse: Similar to the above - this would be either production warehouse and the bin that sits at the end of the line or this would be the finished good warehouse?

I will test again, removing the auto move & trying the different warehouses/bin options noted above.

Our number one goal is to use the handheld for almost all transactions & we need to have the warehouse teams setup in priority to watch their primary functions.

Do you have a primary bin set on the Part master?

Brad Boes

Yes, there is a primary warehouse and bin setup.

Here’s the outcome of the last setup/test I ran:

Input Warehouse/Bin: Production Floor / Input Test 1 Bin (IT1)
Output Warehouse/Bin: Production Floor / Output Test 1 Bin (OT1)
No backflush

Job setup: Op10 Final Operation, all materials tied to Op10

Operator started setup, requested material, request displayed on handheld under Auto Select Trans, handheld processed all 5 materials, materials appeared in Input Test 1 Bin & on Part Locations within Job Tracker (also part trans showed the movement of the RAW from warehouse to warehouse bin to bin). Operator ended setup & started production, parts now show in WIP on Job Tracker.

Upon completion, they ended activity & reported 756 pcs finished & job complete. A material queue has now appeared as MFG-STK, however, it does not appear on the Handheld for the warehouse team…

Why does this transaction request not appear on the handheld?

I took it one step further and did the job receipt to inventory (via MES) to see if it would request the handheld to process the move and it still has not appeared.



I think you have to request this move on the end activity screen.

Brad Boes

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What warehouse is the MFG-STK transaction going too? What made it show up for the warehouse team on the first transaction? How do you set that warehouse team assignment up? I am not familiar with the auto assignment but everything else seems normal. That’s why I thought I just write a couple of questions here to hopefully help.

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Hi Brad,

Yes, I have been checking that box upon reporting any quantity. Thank you!

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Per @jeowings comment, for the appropriate Material Queue transactions to be auto assigned to your warehouse team, you have to have the appropriate warehouses & transaction types assigned to that team and then the appropriate employees assigned to the warehouse team.
Also on the Plant Configuration you have to setup the Priority for different transaction types which controls the sorting on the handheld.
Otherwise on the handheld you would need to scroll through all the pending Material Queues via the Material Queue handheld option (which is a pain and no one likes to do.)