We have equipment resources that run for a day or more at a time on a single operation, at the beginning of the operation there is setup time and then might be some periodic maintenance needed by a technician. Wondering what is the best way on this type of operation to capture the total run time of the equipment resource for burden costs and show a technician in needed. Adding the equipment and technician on the operation shows the technician is scheduled during the complete equipment run time.

I can go into more detail later, but you want your human resource logging into Setup for the operation and mark the operation as Quantity Only for the labor reporting.

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Coming back to this… Using Qty only, is there a way to apply the burden of a resource ( nothing to Labor ) when completing a qty on an operation? Even clocking in for a few seconds to report completed qty, it will assign the total Estimated hours to Labor.

Instead of having them log into Production, have them log into Setup and report the quantity there.

Thanks! One more question: when the op is marked qty only, completing the setup the Labor hours recorded = Setup hours set on that op…anyway when completing setup to have the actual Labor hours recorded?

The actual labor hours of what? The machine?

Person labor of them completing the setup

The Setup tracks the time that the employee is logged in for.

Completing the Qty’s under setup is working but when completing the setup it is charging the full setup hours to Labor. In example below the setup hrs = 3.5 hours, clocked in under setup for under 1 minute to complete the setup

Is there any way to have the Setup labor be actual when the Op is marked Qty only?

Is the Use Estimates checked off on the Resource Group?

It is not, this is the setting on the human resource:


It would not be the human resource, it would be the machine.

Also, check the Apply Burdens From all Operation Resources in Site Configuration.

Have “Use Estimates” Un-checked on both Human and Machine

Apply burdens from all operations is checked

Just ran it again and still pulling 3.5hrs when completing the setup

Really appreciate the time you have spent trying to help me out!

Try unchecking the Apply Burdens and see what happens.