REST API - Job Entry Add Material default fields

Is it possible to have the API include existing Business Logic? Example: Post to the ERP.BO.JobEntrySvs/JobMtls requires fields such as Description. Ideally the Part Number of an activated part should be accept the default of the description. Similar but more complicated issue when it comes to the EstUnitCost and other required fields.

@jgiese.wci - You mentioned in the REST API vNext Feedback thread. this already works this way? I haven’t been able to do an add material without supplying a description and I can’t get it to default the costs.

Has anyone had success with this?

There are fields that are populated by the adapters/dataviews that you will have to do manually. There is no way to recreate that portion of it. If it’s a required field and there is not a method call that fills that for you then you do need to do it yourself.

An example of what I mean is say you are using SalesOrder api. You call SalesOrder.ChangePartNum and it will likely fill description for you accepting the full dataset and partnumber (or something to that effect). If there is no Change/Pre type methods being called then you do have to populate it manually as Epicor is doing it in the background of the UI in the “real” screens.

I misunderstood what you were getting at in the other thread, but it is working as expected.

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Also the oData methods for the most part use the UpdateExt (on the back end) to fulfill the intent (as best as it can). If you want to have all the “EpiMagic” auto fill stuff you can always call the Custom Methods and follow the “Trace” like you would on a standard Epicor adapter call.
ChangePartNum() // this one gets the description
All these are available in rest via the Custom Methods and will do what you suggest.


Thanks @jgiese.wci and @josecgomez!