REST API JobMtlSearchSvc Patch fail

Version 10.X → 10.Y

This topic covers tips, tricks and known issues for making the jump between the two above sessions.

Tried to use JobMtlSearchSvc Patch to update “Jobcomplete” on JobMtl but failed.


“Company”: “2001”,
“JobComplete”: true,
“JobNum”: “J000041050”,
“AssemblySeq”: 0,
“MtlSeq”: 20,
“RowMod”: “U”

Response received:
“HttpStatus”: 400,
“ReasonPhrase”: “REST API Exception”,
“ErrorMessage”: “Update of JobMtl not allowed.”,
“ErrorType”: “Ice.Common.BusinessObjectException”,
“ErrorDetails”: [
“Message”: “Update of JobMtl not allowed.”,
“Type”: “Error”,
“Table”: “JobMtl”,
“Program”: “Epicor.RESTApi.dll”,
“Method”: “ThrowUpdateExtException”,
“ColumnNumber”: 17,
“LineNumber”: 48
“CorrelationId”: “e789e39c-ebcd-4500-b7a6-339d6a358496”

Any of the services that says. “Search” do not include CRUD only R is available in most instance

To Update JobMtl you need to use the JobEntrySvc