Rest API method returns black dataset

Hi all,

i am trying to clocking/start activity via Rest API. I got up to DefaultJobNum method, and the method returns blank dataset with just a job num that i pass in this method as a parameter. I have tried the same method in BL tester and it return populated LabourDtl dataset but cannot achieve the same via Rest.

Is there anythign else i need to pass but job num and LaborDtl RowMod A?


First, I ran LaborSvc/StartActivity method and passing LaborHedSeq, StartType and Ds parameters

var settings = {
“async”: true,
“crossDomain”: true,
“url”: restServerURL + “Erp.BO.LaborSvc/StartActivity”,
“method”: “POST”,
“headers”: {
“Content-Type”: “application/json”,
“Cache-Control”: “no-cache”,
“Postman-Token”: “779083f1-c51c-9693-d334-4b147f3a6233”
“processData”: false,
“data”: “{\r\n “LaborHedSeq”: 14467,\r\n “StartType”: “s”,\r\n “ds”: {\r\n \r\n }\r\n}”

$.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {

That returns a full dataset populated with new LaborDtlSeq created.

Next is LaborSvc/DefaultJobNum method and I pass ds with LaborDtl RowMod A, and jobNum

settings.url = restServerURL + “Erp.BO.LaborSvc/DefaultJobNum”;
settings.processData = false; = “{\r\n\r\n “ds”: {\r\n “LaborDtl”: [{“RowMod”:“A”} ]\r\n },\r\n “jobNum”: “0113754”\r\n}”;

    $.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {

Which return blank Dataset with only JobNum populated.

When I do the same in BL tester, DefaultJobNum method returns populated dataset with LaborDtlSeq from the StartActivty method.

What am I missing?


Anyone has any idea?!